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Bookshelf 10 - Learning

Power Up Your Mind: learn faster, work smarter
By Bill Lucas
Pub: Nicholas Brealey, 2001 ISBN 185788275X £14.99

An eclectic mixture of bright ideas for the busy manager interested in their own learning. Useful stuff about switching on, tuning in and the importance of being in a learning state. Sections cover remembering, resilience, harnessing your creativity and learning at work. Review

A Manager's Guide to Self Development
by Mike Pedler, John Burgoyne and Tom Boydell
Pub: McGraw Hill New Edition 2001 ISBN 0077098307

Treat yourself to this one, and it could change your life... A practical workbook to help you sort personal goals, career plan, it also offers a wide variety of interesting ideas for management practice. Challenging and thought provoking. Highly recommended. Review

Hare Brain Tortoise Mind: why intelligence increases when you think less
By G Claxton
Pub Fourth Estate 1997 ISBN 1857027094

The human brain will do a number of unusual, interesting and important things - if given time. As described in this book, there is evidence from cognitive science and elsewhere that it will learn patterns of a degree of subtlety which normal, purposeful, busy consciousness cannot even see, let alone master; it will make sense out of hazy, ill-defined situations which leave everyday rationality flummoxed; and it will sometimes come up with solutions to complicated predicaments that are wise rather than merely clever. The book explores these slower ways of knowing and explains how we could, or should, use them more often and more effectively.

Out of Our Minds - Learning to Be Creative
By Ken Robinson
Pub: Capstone 2001 £15.99 ISBN 1841121258

Why is it essential to develop creativity, promote creativity, and what is involved in developing it? This book tackles these questions and argues for radical changes in how we think about intelligence and human resources and in how we educate people to meet the extraordinary challenges of the 21st century. Review

by Reg Hamilton
Pub: Industrial Society 1993 £8.95 ISBN 1858350468

This helpful little book is a step by step guide to being a good mentor. It describes the differences between the role of manager and mentor, and the skills needed to be an effective mentor. It looks at different approaches, both formal and informal, and defines the essence of mentoring as "a way of helping another understand more fully, and learn more comprehensively from, their day to day experience" and stresses that it is most successful when the interviews are confidential.

Action Learning for Managers
by Mike Pedler
Pub: Lemos Crane 1996 £7.99 ISBN 1 898001 28 6
Small and compact, and very practical in its approach, this book explains the how and why of action learning sets. They are shown to be a valuable method of problem solving and also provide support and development for individuals in a management role. Checklists, diagrams and questionnaires included.
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ABC of Action Learning - Empowering managers to act and learn from action
By Reg Revans
Pub: Lemos & Crane £12.99 1998 ISBN 1898001421
Reg Revans is the creator of action learning and this book starts with the characteristic assumptions of action learning, including the learning equation L=P+Q and other concepts such as 'problems require insightful questions', 'learning involves doing' and 'the risk imperative'. There are then sections on essential logistics on running action learning programmes, the characteristics of the manager, the influence of top management, and the philosophy of action learning. An extremely clear, well-written book with endless common-sense and perceptive observation.
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The Learning Styles Questionnaire: 80 item version
By Peter Honey & Alan Mumford
Pub Peter Honey ISBN 1902899075 £6.50
This gives an introduction to the classic Kolb learning cycle, and Honey and Mumford learning styles of activist, pragmatist, reflector and theorist. It then provides a questionnaire to complete and score to give you a picture of your own learning styles and preferences. There is guidance on how to choose learning to suit your dominant learning style, and also how to strengthen your under-developed learning styles to make you an all-round learner.
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Make It Happen! Your Personal Learning Action Plan
Pub: Campaign for Learning 1996 £5 ISBN 1903107083
A slim A4 booklet with good layout and line drawings, 24 pages (including some of just line drawings) with boxes to be completed by the individual. Useful guidance notes at each stage with worked examples. This is aimed at learners generally and covers work and non-work related learning, and at all levels. It does consider how you like to learn, and what has helped or hindered. The emphasis is on planning and recording.
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Learning Log: a way to enhance learning from experience
by Peter Honey
Pub: Peter Honey Publications 2000 £5.00
A slim little booklet that gives a useful introduction to learning theory and enthuses about learning from everyday experience. It then provides a structured journal to record and reflect on your experiences and the learning that they contain.
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Personal Development Plans
By Peter Honey
Pub Peter Honey 2001 ISBN 1902899164 £6.50
The introduction makes the case for why think ahead about learning (for example from attending a course or conference) and why record the outcomes, and gives useful pointers for being realistic about plans. This is short and all over by page 8, then there's a sample filled in plan with a few notes, then pages 14 - 35 are 10 sets of a 2 page layout of Personal Development Plan with 5 boxes to fill in and Review of Plan with 4 boxes to fill in. Good if you want a structured notebook with an interesting introduction.
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101 ways to develop your people, without really trying! - A Manager's Guide to work based learning
by Peter Honey
Pub: Peter Honey 2nd reprint 1998 £16.95 ISBN 0950844497
How to weave self-development and learning into everyday work. Great fun - an alphabetical numbered set of ideas for practical activities from the obvious to the unlikely - something for everyone here.
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The Age of Unreason: New thinking for a new world
by Charles Handy
Pub: Arrow Business Books 1989 ISBN 0099548313

A book of dangerous ideas written for people in organisations "because it is their hands that rest on the levers of change, although they may not always realise it." Classic Handy - a compelling read that introduces ideas that have caused major ripples in management thinking. This is where you find upside -down thinking, the triple I organisation, the Shamrock Organisation, the Inverted Doughnut and lots on learning, reframing and portfolios. Handy encourages us into "thinking the unlikely and doing the unreasonable". Sixteen years on and it's still all relevant.

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