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Bookshelf 6. Arts in other sectors

Arts in Regeneration

Art in Public

Cross Sector Working

Arts in Regeneration

For Art’s Sake? Society and the Arts in the 21st Century
Ed Jamie Cowling
Pub Institute for Public Policy Research 2004 ISBN 1860302335

An important publication that tackles the questions of the impact of the arts on wider social goals in education, mental health, community cohersion and offender rehabilitation. Is our evaluation at present more advocacy than evidence? Do we need to be more rigorous? Can we focus on outcome measures? Authors of Chapters include Peter Hewitt, Chief Executive of Arts Council England; Dr Gerald Lidstone of Goldsmith's College; and Dr Andrew Miles, Research Consultant for the Unit for Arts and Offenders. Lots of useful information on various evaluation schemes and much food for thought.

Slough Inspired: A celebration of ten years of Community Arts Training in Slough
Pub: Slough Borough Council 2004 ISBN 090416411X £5
A celebration of ten years of Community Arts Training in Slough (CATS). A beautiful booklet with classy photos and interviews with wonderful people doing wonderful things as a result of undertaking the CATS training courses. Artists who learnt how to work with communities, and people from communities who learnt how to work with artists. The publication celebrates the people of Slough – it is about their stories and journeys in the arts. A great reminder of why this type of arts is so important.
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Creative Regeneration - lessons from ten community arts projects
By Tim Dwelly
Pub: Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2001 ISBN 1859350658

This report shows how ten arts projects in Wales have made a major impact in their communities. It provides examples for other agencies across the UK to follow, by demonstrating that creative regeneration really does work. Review

In Our Neighbourhood - A regional theatre and its local community
By Dick Downing
Pub: Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2001 £13.95 ISBN 1 85935 064 X
Recent amendments to the funding of local theatres reflect the importance of their role in community development. In Our Neighbourhood examines a project by a major regional theatre that undertook to become more involved with its local residential community, and to explore new ways of working in partnership. It offers a revealing portrait of the reality of community involvement.Review
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Turning Points: the impact of participation in community theatre
by Neil Beddow, ed Mary Shwarz
Pub: South West Arts 2001 ISBN 1874396299 £5
An interesting and useful study of the effects that community theatre has on the people who take part. It is enthusiastically descriptive and then analytical. The results of the evaluation studies include both delightful direct quotations and lists of percentages. Review
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For a fuller list of titles on arts in regeneration and for social inclusion – see the Main Booklist, under Education / participatory and under Value of the arts.

2. Art in Public

Re Views: Artists and Public Spaces
Pub Black Dog Publishing 2005 ISBN 190477220X £19.95 £26.47 inc p&p]
Re Views Artists and Public Spaces provides an extensive overview of projects where artists have engaged new thinking and practices for the build environment and public space. Addressing the subject of public art from the artist’s perspective, and emphasising process as well as product. Re Views explores artistic practice beyond the studio, addressing the importance of research time for artists, the relationship between artist and audience, collaboration between artists and other design professionals, and the contribution artists can make to the future of our towns and cities. Edited by Artpoint, a visual arts commissioning agency, and using selected Artpoint projects as case studies, this book brings together work by an exciting range of artists, curators, writers and critics.
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Art in Public Spaces: Public Art in Slough
Pub: Slough Borough Council ISBN 0904164098 £5.50 [£8.10 inc p&p]
A beautifully produced slim booklet that records in words and pictures the impressive start Slough has made on its programme of public art. With a brief description of what public art is, why it is important and how it is commissioned and then information on and illustrations of a dozen individual art pieces.
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3. Cross Sector Working

Creative Community Building through Cross-Sector Collaboration
Jennifer Williams, Cristina Losito & Joanna Cottingham
Pub Centre for Creative Communities 2004
ISBN 9608063914 £14
Change dominates our world, and no longer is it possible for professionals in the arts, education, health work, social services and others to operate in isolation from each other. It is also necessary to change to satisfy the expectations and needs of their constituencies - especially when work is done for and with young people. Based on a Europe-wide study that attempts to map some of the main trends, issues and activities in the development of cross-sector policy and practice that use arts and culture to achieve broader social, health and educational aims. 
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Making Partnerships Work
By Andrew Wilson and Kate Charlton
Pub: Joseph Rowntree 1997 ISBN 1899987398 £9.95
Based on research on a range of current partnership projects, and illustrated by examples from this, the book provides a practical 5 stage approach to making partnerships work. This involves (1) forming the initiative (2) establishing common ground and shared vision (3) developing the structure (4) delivering an action plan and measuring progress and (5) an exit strategy and ‘life after death’. Many of the tricky bits are addressed – who should govern, dealing with conflict, and developing the long view. A very useful guide. Review
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