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The specialist book service for all those involved in arts management.

Here you will find:

  • The main booklist organised under an alphabetical list of management areas, and with descriptions / mini reviews of books written by arts managers

  • Bookshelves – handpicked collections as a resource for you and your team

  • Special Offers – reduced price deals

  • To buy books: order form; There are 3 ways to buy books; 1. through Amazon, 2. through publishers, 3. through SAM's books Mail Order.

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If you are an:

Arts manager
Arts administrator
Self managed artist
Arts development officer
Arts or cultural policy maker
Arts marketer
Arts education worker
Student of arts management

If you work in an arts organisation In marketing, finance, education, fund raising or other specialist area

If you are a trainer, consultant, researcher or writer in arts and cultural management

If you are a board member or trustee of an arts organisation

whether you work freelance or in an organisation, in a network, partnership or group or if you are interested in arts management as a career.

this is where you will find books specifically selected for you, by  those in the know – because they too work in arts management.

There are 3 ways to buy books from this web site:

1. Where an Amazon link is available on the title(s) you want, click through directly to the Amazon.co.uk. and purchase from them. This means SAM's Books will receive commission on that title and anything else you buy, helping to support SAM's Books web site.

2. Where there is a link direct to the publisher, use this link and purchase directly from them, check for their accepted methods of payment and timescales of delivery.

3. Where SAMs Books still has copies of the title, mail order is available from SAM's Books with a 5 day turnaround.
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SAM's Books is run by arts managers for arts managers. We research and review books from arts organisations, voluntary sector and mainstream publishers and less obvious sources, and select for our lists those that:

  • are practical but challenging
  • are aimed at the scale of arts organisations
  • respect an equal opportunities ethos
  • are at manageable prices.

Titles cover general management, legal aspects, marketing, planning, fundraising, sponsorship, evaluation, the social impact of the arts, education work, people management, leadership, boards, equal opportunities, cultural planning, programming, finance, premises and health and safety, licensing, training and learning, and art form specific material.

SAM (Services for Arts Management) is run by Madeline Hutchins, an experienced arts manager involved in arts management training and development.

Some books are still available directly from SAMs, Unless you see a link to the publisher or Amazon please buy from SAMs.

Most books listed here can be ordered directly from the publisher, paying by credit card in most cases. SAM’s Books manager, Madeline Hutchins, is still available at the end of an email, and occasionally the phone, to give advice on books.

The main booklist, the bookshelves and new titles section are where you will find the books – and then click on the links to Amazon or the specialist publisher to buy them. Mail order is still available from us where we have the titles in stock, with a 5 day turnaround.

See the order form to order any books from the booklist.

SAM’s Books is an Amazon associate and receive a modest amount of commission for all books sold when you link through to Amazon from SAM’s Books (and on any other purchases you make on that visit to Amazon). The income from Amazon sales will, we hope, enable us to maintain the SAM’s Books site and refresh it with new titles.

SAM’s Books has been running for 9 years, and in all that time it has not covered its costs or paid its way in rent, or paid for Madeline’s time. We have discovered that however we structure it, the retail book business is too unstable, the margins too narrow and the field of arts management too specialist. There is no prospect of long term stable funding, so we have had no option but to morph the service into this virtual bookstore.

We hope that you will stick with us through the changes and support SAM’s Books – the Next Phase.

We are absolutely delighted that ITC – the Independent Theatre Council have bought “one of everything” from SAM’s Books. This reference collection is available at the ITC training room in London, at Leathermarket, just 10 minutes walk from London Bridge station. 

All Ways Learning, Knowledge Services for Arts Management and SAM’s Books have kept a broad selection intact as a reference collection & mobile library available to come to conferences in the famous SAM’s Books black boxes that fold out as display shelves.

SAM’s Books was brought to you by:

Madeline Hutchins – owner and manager
Lesley Waterhouse – administrator
Rosemary Curtis – conference bookstall stalwart
Georgie Goddard – book review co-ordinator
Rebekah Kortokraks – website design and updates
Wendy Skitt – finance and accounts
Ruth Carter – marketing

With a supporting cast of many – headed by Liz and Brian at Arts Professional, the team at AMA – Arts Marketing Association, publications staff at Arts Council, Directory of Social Change, distributors such as Jill Chandler at ECO, Charles Landry at Comedia, organisations such as ABO, ITC, NALGAO, NRTF, TMA, conference organisers including Pete Bryan at NALGAO, and the team at SWAM – South West Arts Marketing, universities and colleges including Sussex, Birkbeck and Roehampton, and our loyal and friendly customers across the UK and around the world.


SAM’s Books runs a
New Titles Alert Service

Providing a regular email to those who opt in giving information of new books (and new editions) recently added to SAM’s Books. Send an email to
books@sam-arts.co.uk If you would like to be added to the list.


Book of the Month:

Meeting Together
by Lois Graessle and George Gawlinski

The new book from the authors of the classic Planning Together
 ‘Every meeting is a priceless opportunity to surprise ourselves with just how much we can achieve together. Use Meeting Together to make your meetings more constructive, productive and enjoyable.’
Published November 2006

Buy now at the special price of £20   www.meetingtogether.org

Making selections and connections

Finding you the books that you need

If the title you want is still stocked by SAM's Books - we offer a 5 day turnaround promise.

Use the links to take you to specialist suppliers where available.


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